ADIPOLITIK – Why I love this for fat loss!


With summer just around the corner and the increase in OPA shows it seems everyone including myself have a common goal – getting lean!  The foundation of getting lean lies in consistent nutritional planning and training,  and I have started using a product that is a great compliment to my regimen.

I have used numerous supplements in the past to aid in fat loss but the sad truth is that they aren’t healthy for long term use.  ATP’s ADIPOLITIK has become one of my favorite additions to my supplement program and I will tell you exactly why:


L-carnitine bitartrate helps to shuttle fat molecules into your blood stream to be used as energy and helps decrease insulin resistance.


Green coffee bean contains chlorogenic acid, increases the transport of glucose towards muscular tissue and facilitates in fatty acid oxidation.


Raspberry ketones have properties that encourage lipolysis (fat burning) and contribute to higher leptin levels which is the hormone that diminishes appetite and increases metabolism.


Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant which aids in fatty acid oxidation as well as regulating cellular energy metabolism (so helpful in recovering from those grueling workouts!)


Irvingia gabonensis (Wild Mango) helps to discourage the conversion of glucose into fat as well as increasing sensitivity to leptin and insulin.


Chromium picolinate helps reduce insulin levels, positively influence carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism and increase sensitivity to insulin.


Saigon cinnamon extract helps to crush sugar cravings as well as support healthy blood sugar levels.  It is also lowers bad cholesterol levels and is furthermore a powerful antioxidant.



ADIPOLITIK helps you achieve fat loss through numerous mechanisms but is entirely safe with zero negative side effects.  It is the perfect complement to any fat loss program from the very over weight individual to the fitness competitor just trying to get rid of those last couple pounds.   Your metabolism will function more effectively resulting in faster progress.  Did I mention the appetite and craving control?  Thanks to ADIPOLITIK I have been nailing my diet.  In summary, I am a big fan of this product and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe way to reach their fat loss goals FASTER.

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