ATP E-Nos – The Health Conscious Pre-Workout

I’m a huge fan of pre-workout supplementation.  I love the feeling of increased circulation and having a great pump in the muscle group I’m working. It feels good knowing that I can get in a few more reps and help my muscles’ ability to recover as well enhance much needed nutrient delivery.  The downfall, however, was that I could only take them in the morning because the intense stimulants would interfere with my sleep – too essential for recuperation.  If I took a high stim pre-workout after 1 PM, it would interfere with my sleep which is bad news for optimal muscle rest and recovery.  The other problem was they all contained creatine. I couldn’t use them too close to a show because I needed to cut the creatine a couple weeks out.  So as much as I love them they weren’t always a good idea to take.

When it comes to clients the same problems came up.  Stimulants aren’t good for everyone and neither is creatine in some cases (depending on the goal).

Imagine how “pumped” I was to hear that ATP came up with its own exclusive pre-workout formula without any harmful stimulants or creatine!

One of the most neglected issue when it comes to high stim pre-workouts is the harmful amounts of cortisol (stress hormone) they create.  High cortisol will interfere with other important muscle build, fat burning hormones like testosterone, adiponectin and leptin.  A tiny window exists where higher cortisol is actually a positive – during the workout.  Outside of this it does nothing but interfere with us achieving our goals.

A NEW ingredient in E-Nos caught my attention immediately.  I mean, generally most pre-workouts have a lot of the same ingredients.  So what is this Agmatine all about?

Agmatine is probably one of the most impressive new ingredients on the market. There are many interesting properties to Agmatine. For instance it has the same vasodilating effects as arginine but rather than effecting the systemic level (iNOS) the agmatine is concentrated at the muscular level (Enos) where it is needed. Agmatine also increases serotonin levels, alleviates pain caused by inflammation AND increases insulin sensitivity!

E-Nos also contains the classic, necessary pre-workout ingredients Beta-Alanine and Citrulline Malate:

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that will increase carnosine levels . Carnosine has the capacity to reduce muscular pH , by doing so it increases anaerobic and aerobic workout capacity. Beta-alanine will also increase vasodilatation. Great for muscle pump and contraction as well as enhanced nutrient delivery.

Citrulline Malate will increase metabolic waste produced in the muscle during workout and will cause a performance increase on the aerobic level as well as anaerobic level . It also increases vasodilatation and oxygen transport to the muscle, increasing the creation of ATP (aka adenosine triphosphate = energy production).

Furthermore, the addition of some especially powerful antioxidative ingredients where built into ENOS:

Studies suggest that CoQ10 ( ubiquinone)4 could increase workout capacity and alpha lipoic acid already has a solid reputation as a potent insulin sensitizer. ALA will protect the cells , help maintain and increase cardiovascular health  and reduce damage caused by free radicals. ALA can also recycles other antioxidants such as vitamin E, C and glutathione, a process that will increase their lifespan and efficiency . Alpha Lipoic acid can also trap toxic heavy metals , like arsenic , cadmium and mercury .

This unique and cutting edge formulation was built to help you make faster progress in the gym, increase your physical capacity while keeping your health a priority.  You can have a safe, stimulant-free preworkout with the added benefits of antioxidants! Now go get your swole on!!!


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