Danielle has not only transformed my body, but the support and guidance she has provided me with has been of great benefit to me in all areas of my life. When I began working with Danielle I was a person who would begin a goal and then find some excuse to put it to the wayside or even give up entirely.

When I began training for my first competition I pretty much began from scratch. I did not know how to fuel my body properly through food and supplements. I did not know what a proper lifting/cardio routine should consist of, and I did not have the motivation to push myself through when times got tough. I started seeing results after 1-week of eating extremely well and exercising 6x a week. Danielle has motivated me not only because she is a beautiful, talented and successful professional athlete, but also through providing constant support, constructive advice and praise every step of the way.

She did not sugar-coat things when I needed to push myself harder and have more focus. I believe having someone there to tell you the honest truth is an invaluable element to achieve any goal. After my first prep with Danielle I can easily say that I have made an amazing lifestyle change and I will never go back!

I continue to work with her during my off-season and I cannot wait to begin the 2014 OPA season. By the way, not only did I transform my body in 12-weeks, I also placed 5th in my first competition! I cannot thank her enough for the inspiration and focus she has brought into my life and I am proud to say I am party of Team Ruby!



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