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Maya DeBuono

I started my fitness journey 2 years ago, where I ended up doing my first Regional bikini show. I wish I could say my first experience was a good one, however, it certainly wasn’t what I had hoped for. I went through prep with a lot of unanswered questions and ultimately ended up stepping on stage feeling very unprepared. I […]

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Julie McGregor

My story began when I was 39, one year before turning the big 4-0 I decided I would enter into a fitness contest!  I felt like this was the time in my life to make a big change in how I looked and felt about myself.  I decided that one year from when I started […]

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Julia R.

I have always had a passion for fitness and loved setting new fitness goals for myself.  As a former gymnasts and long distance runner, I was used to clocking many hours in the gym and on the pavement, so I thought I would have no problem tackling my new goal – completing a Fitness/Figure Show!  […]

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Katie Reid

Danielle was referred to me as a coach by my friend Kirsten, who had worked with Danielle on her three previous shows.  Kirsten always looked fantastic and had unreal stage presence so I was excited when Danielle agreed to take me on her roster.  Working with Danielle for my last show was an extremely positive […]

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Emily Milne

Danielle has been my coach for over a year and a half, she has become my friend and inspiration. Thanks to Danielle’s patience, encouragement, guidance and expertise, I took second place in my first regional Figure competition and third place at the OPA Provincial Championships. I couldn’t have done it without her. Danielle is now […]

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Deborah Shaw

My competitive experience confirmed I was not physically big and defined enough BUT if you factor in the psychological changes you can’t see in the photos unless you’re really looking (I was actually so shy/nervous during the B4 shots I was physically shaking). Despite a DFL judges’ score, I WAS SUCCESSFUL.  You were successful.  You […]

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Simone Guthrie

I made the decision to hire Danielle as my coach not only because of her experience on stage but her knowledge in the sport and the passion she has for it. You can see it in her eyes. I also joined team Ruban because I envied the camaraderie her team had backstage and the support […]

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Danielle has not only transformed my body, but the support and guidance she has provided me with has been of great benefit to me in all areas of my life. When I began working with Danielle I was a person who would begin a goal and then find some excuse to put it to the […]

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Pam Esbaugh

I am a Personal Trainer in Elmira and all my life I have always enjoyed working out and being physically fit. I am all about goals and back in june I was looking for a new challenge for myself and came across the kwnaturalclassic show and just knew right away that this was for me! […]

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