Julia R.

I have always had a passion for fitness and loved setting new fitness goals for myself.  As a former gymnasts and long distance runner, I was used to clocking many hours in the gym and on the pavement, so I thought I would have no problem tackling my new goal – completing a Fitness/Figure Show!  Wow, was I ever wrong.

Just because you are in shape for one sport does not mean that you can easily conquer another.  I started training with the idea that I could train and diet myself down with a few tips from friends.  However, I soon realized that competition preparation required a new level of discipline and a very technically approach to nutrition and weight training.  Thankfully I met Danielle, who put me on a 5-month training and diet plan.  Danielle was able to explain the importance of training and nutrient timing, as each month she would tweak the meal plan and workout routine in order to shock my body and get results.  I developed a new respect for fitness competitors as I realized that this was not just a sport but lifestyle.

My meals had to be carefully thought out, prepared and timed, while my workouts had to be specifically tailored to obtain a symmetrical physique.  We met frequently so she could monitor my progress and provide words of encouragement when needed.  She was always there for me and able to keep me focused on low energy days.  In 5 months of rigorous training there were bound to be hurdles and prior commitments to work around.  As an experienced fitness competitor, Danielle knew how to guide me through those tough times and to keep my eye on the prize.  If you’ve ever been curious to know what it would feel like to reach your optimal fitness level or pictured yourself winning on stage, then train with Danielle!  She is a fierce competitor and knows exactly what it takes to be stage ready.  Since this was my first fitness show, I had no idea what to expect the day of show.  Danielle walked me through the entire day breaking it all down for me and putting me at ease.

Before meeting Danielle it had never occurred to me that I could actually win my first fitness show.  She made me realize my true potential with discipline and hard work and inspired me to do so.  She taught me to take it one day at a time and the power of visualizing my ultimate goal.  Danielle coached me through two competitions.  In the first show I placed first in Figure and second in Fitness.  One week later I stepped on stage again and took home another first place trophy in Figure and the Overall.  I still remember one photographer saying post show that he could tell I was a Danielle Ruban client because I posed like her and sported her trademark abs.  This was by far the best compliment I have ever received on my physique.  I have always felt that great trainers and coaches should practice what they preach.  With Danielle by your side you will have no shortage of inspiration.  She is a dedicated athlete and loves what she does.  It is hard to come up with the right words to express how thankful I truly am.  I believe that with self-discipline, focus and the right coach by your side most anything is possible.  Thank you Danielle!

~Julia Kristin


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