Julie McGregor

My story began when I was 39, one year before turning the big 4-0 I decided I would enter into a fitness contest!  I felt like this was the time in my life to make a big change in how I looked and felt about myself.  I decided that one year from when I started training with a personal trainer(since I had no previous weight training experience), I would hit the stage!  And, I did just that with the help of Danielle Ruban!!

Danielle has been my coach for the past year and she truly has made my dreams a reality!  Her ongoing enthusiasm and support has made this journey exciting and exceptionally memorable!!  Throughout the process Danielle has supplied me with a diet and weight training plan that was suitable to my developmental needs, as well as adjusting the plan as I progressed towards the contest show date. During the last four weeks of the contest preparatory, I would send weekly pictures to Danielle along with my measurents and mental status!  Danielle has given me tremendous mental support  for those times when a show was around the corner and I needed just that little bit of added extra support, understanding and above all friendship!  Truly, one of the best experiences I have ever had!!

I competed in the OPA Oktoberfest Classic and placed 1st in my height class and 1st in my age class and finished the show with an overall for the Figure category!! Not bad for my first show.  My next show came five weeks later at the OPA GNC Live Well London championships.  There I placed 2nd in my height category and 1st in my age category!
This has truly been an amazing experience and I look forward to having Danielle’s support on my next journey!

Julie McGregor
A true  ‘Ruby’ girl!!

November OPA 2013 Championships 0142013 pics 608

November OPA 2013 Championships 009


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