Maya DeBuono


I started my fitness journey 2 years ago, where I ended up doing my first Regional bikini show. I wish I could say my first experience was a good one, however, it certainly wasn’t what I had hoped for. I went through prep with a lot of unanswered questions and ultimately ended up stepping on stage feeling very unprepared. I did fall in love with the process, but I knew if competing was something I was going to continue I needed to find a coach who was willing to invest their time in me and make me a priority. I wanted my plan and even my follow ups to be created for me specifically.
I had actually found Danielle via social media and within days after I had contacted her about preparing me for provincials, I received the first issued OPA magazine where she was interviewed and featured as one of OPA’s top coaches. I remember reading how she felt it was important to create a union with her athletes. She spoke of how she took pride in establishing a relationship with the individuals she trained so that she could guide them not only through training and dieting, but be there for them personally. That was exactly what I was looking for from my coach and mentor. I knew after coincidently finding her in the OPA magazine shortly after contacting her, that I had made the right decision. She never fell short of anything she expressed in that article. ( )
Danielle sincerely cares about each of her athletes. It’s more than evident that she does not approach what she does as simply a job. Her passion shines through everything she does. Every week leading up to show day Danielle has us “check-in” with her -not only to let her know how things were coming along physically but also emotionally. Never once have I had a question that I did not get an immediate response to, nor have I ever had to wait long for her to respond to my weekly check-ins. Although she herself competed in Fitness I was beyond impressed when I met with her for one-on-one bikini posing practice. She took the time to try different things with me that best complimented my physique. I would have never guessed she wasn’t a bikini pro. It was also very nice to find her present at the group posing classes I attended with Melissa Shaad. Danielle was there for me at both my Provincial and National Show. Just when I thought she couldn’t possibly get any better at what she does; there she was backstage touching up hair, doing make-up, touching up our tans, applying glaze, reviewing our posing with us, and doing all she could to ensure we were at our very best for when we hit that stage. I could not have been any happier with my experience with Danielle. I placed 3rd at my Provincial show and two short weeks later I had the honor of stepping out onto a National stage. I know I have not only found a remarkable coach but I’ve also made a wonderful friend.


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