Pam Esbaugh

I am a Personal Trainer in Elmira and all my life I have always enjoyed working out and being physically fit. I am all about goals and back in june I was looking for a new challenge for myself and came across the kwnaturalclassic show and just knew right away that this was for me! I met with Melissa Shadd for some posing classes and she recommended this awesome girl named Danielle Ruban who could coach me through the process.

To be honest being a personal trainer I thought I was capable of doing it all on my own but soon realized how challenging it was and knew I needed help so I decided to give her a try. Danielle was able to help transform my body into something I never thought I could accomplish, It was the hardest thing I have ever done and there were many breakdowns but she was there to keep me strong.! I ended up doing really well with the competition and came in 2nd place in my category and honestly I don’t think I could have done that with out her.

This experience has given me so much…strength, confidence. I have become extremely busy at the gym with clients that want to train with me because they have seen what I have done for myself!! You have no idea how many women who have approached me commenting on my pictures from the competition and how much of an inspiration I am to them, It is truly an amazing feeling. I feel like I can do anything now I put my mind to , there is no stopping this girl the sky is the limit!!

Thank you Danielle xoxo



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