"From 2015 to 2017 we won Three shows, back to back and the 3rd was the one that awarded me my IFBB Pro Card! 
She encouraged me, talked me down off many cliffs and just knew how to speak to Me and my heart. 
She is caring & compassionate but also expects that you give it back. She makes you WANT to be better and want to work hard! 
I've had several coaches over the years, and Danielle is ALWAYS available when it counts. 
I'm so proud to call her my coach and friend! "

~Alyssa Coppillino IFBB Pro

"The one thing that I truly appreciate about Danielle, and I what I feel makes her stand out as an outstanding coach is her patience.  She has been able to consistently motivate me to push past my perceived limits AND at the same time ensuring that I am mentally prepared and emotionally happy. She truly cares about your health!"

~Liz Gonzales

"Competing was a huge accomplishment for me as I was never the athletic type, I had never competed in anything and always hated running. From the beginning Danielle pushed me to be better and never once doubted my potential, she made prep fun and easy by creating personalized meal plans and training programs. "

During my prep and off season, Danielle has always there, whether it was to explain a workout or meal plan, to giving me a pep talk when I needed it or to tell me how great I was doing. 

Danielle has done more than prepare me for my competition, by giving me knowledge about nutrition and training, she has prepared me for a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to Danielle, I have learned to love my body always and in all stages. 

I am proud to be a part of such an amazing team and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

"I googled the crap out Danielle before I met her, and was blown away by her success, and her physique. She's amazing!!! I knew she was business, and that I wanted to work with her. Best decision ever! Right from the start she was upfront, honest, and to the point. I love that! And as much as I was nervous about this new journey, she made me feel totally comfortable." 

~Vanessa Rempel, Co-Host of The Vanessa and Melissa Show

"Working with Danielle was a TOTAL game changer! Not only did she introduce me to the world or Macros, but she answered all my questions .... daily.... about them. She helped me over come my fear of lifting weights with the "big boys" and she kept me accountable with weekly checkins.
Danielle worked closely with me and was there when I felt overwhelmed or "stuck".  
My confidence went from a 2 to a 10 after her help.  Not only did I lose almost 30lbs, but I truly gained knowledge, appreciation and personal self love..."

~Lori B.