Complete Personalized Nutrition Planning

Nutrition is an essential component in achieving your personal, competitive or fitness goals.  The Program is created to fit your schedule, food preferences and personal goals.  Supplementation and cardio recommendations are included.


 Personalized Training Programs

Based on your fitness background and which equipment you have access to a weight training program is created to meet your individual needs.  Weather it is leaning down, building or brining up weak areas in the off season this complete training regime will get you on the right track.


 Complete Training and Nutrition Plan

Maximize your results by getting everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. A complete custom Nutrition Plan and Training Program with Supplement and Cardio recommendations included.


 Precontest Coaching

This includes a detailed plan with nutrition, supplement, training and cardio recommendations.  You have unlimited email access for questions regarding the process and weekly check-ins  for support and to ensure you are on point.  The final week before the show you will receive a detailed dial in plan and phone access.  Precontest  Nutrition without training programs are also available for a discounted rate.

Reverse Dieting

This includes a detailed plan to safely restore your metabolism after a show or long term dieting.  This is a necessary process to avoid post show rebound.  It includes:  nutrition, supplement and cardio recommendations.  You have unlimited email access for questions  and weekly check-ins  for support and to ensure your progress.


One on one posing sessions

Posing and Stage presentation is absolutely critical to showcase your best physique. You will learn to master the mandatory poses for your category and learn tips and trick for owning the stage. You will learn how to pose effectively for YOUR physique and gain the confidence to present a winning package on show day.


 Physique or Fitness Routine Choreography

As a professional fitness competitor with a strong background in routine choreography I take pride in my ability to create performances that will show case your strengths and personality.  Please contact me for a choreography consultation. This includes sources for music cutting and editing.


 Guest Posing Performances- Please contact for rates and availability