Simone Guthrie

I made the decision to hire Danielle as my coach not only because of her experience on stage but her knowledge in the sport and the passion she has for it. You can see it in her eyes. I also joined team Ruban because I envied the camaraderie her team had backstage and the support that she gave them; it was like a family.

Throughout my 22 weeks of prep from start to finish Danielle was on the ball. I insisted that she didn’t take it easy on me and tell it like it was. Her feedback was always positive and even when I was questioning the process and my progress or lack there of, Danielle was the voice of reason.  Programs were given like clockwork and Danielle made herself available pretty much 24/7 if we had any questions that needed answering. She makes us a priority and that is an outstanding feeling knowing that you have that support.

Danielle did a great job at modifying workouts or nutrition based on our specific needs. If we had injuries or food sensitivities or even dislikes. She wanted us to be as comfortable as possible while still kickin’ our butt’s into tip -top shape. She’s always researching and keeping her knowledge current and up to date which is so important. The other benefit of having Danielle as a coach is her background in fitness and gymnastics. She’s had to create routines for herself and was an amazing help in choreographing my physique routine. She saw my mumbled up vision and helped to get it out onto the stage into a full on winning routine. I know I made the right choice picking Danielle as my coach and by doing so she led me to earn not only one but two 1st place wins and an overall win. Our journey as coach and teammate is far from over. Team Ruby xoxo

Simone Guthrie

Simone 2


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